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Islamic Finance seeks to allow Muslims to engage in the modern financial markets while remaining true to the values in their faith. These five books will help give you some insight into how Islamic Finance functions, where it is practiced, and some of the critiques of its practice.

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    Islamic Finance: Why It Makes Sense (For You)―Understanding its Principles and Practices
    by Daud Abdullah Vicary and Keon Chee

    Essential introduction to the topic that covers most of the high-level Concepts that are necessary to grasp it before delving into the details of how markets and markets instruments function.

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    Understanding Islamic Finance
    by Muhammad Ayub

    This tome builds upon the essentials, giving further insight into the fundamental concepts behind this area of study as well as the products and procedures used for implementing Islamic Finance in the real world. The value of this text is in its breadth as well as it's practical and operational examples for the topics at discussions.

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    A Socially Responsible Islamic Finance: Character and the Common Good (Palgrave Studies in Islamic B
    by Umar F. Moghul

    this one-of-a-kind book talks about a little discussed topic in the world of Islamic finance: ethics. Presenting how normative values should frame ones financial dealings, theology and spirituality are tapped to elucidate why Islamic Finance markets do what they do, but also why they should change some of their practices. A compelling read.

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    Islamic Finance in the Global Economy
    by Ibrahim Warde

    This books coverage is exhaustively comprehensive, defining Islamic finance in its broadest sense to include banks, mutual funds, securities firms and insurance (or takaful) companies. The author places Islamic finance in the context of the global political and economic system and covers a wide variety of issues such as the underlying principles of Islamic finance, the range of Islamic financial products, and country differences. He also discusses a number of economic, political, regulatory and religious concerns and challenges.

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    Islamic Finance: Law, Economics, and Practice
    by Mahmoud A. El-Gamal

    Essential reading on the topic this book challenges the ideas put forth in all of the previous books. Turning many of the assumptions about the Islamic Finance industry on its head the author adeptly questions many practices prevalent in the industry and offers solutions for improvement.

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