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Five Books is a book recommendation website. We ask authors and experts to recommend the best books in their subject. We then ask them to explain, in an interview, what the books are about and why they're important.

You can browse for books on our site in a number of ways. Like a bookshop, we have different sections. Find your favourite -- anything from sport and cooking to the world economy or natural history -- by clicking here. You can also access these sections via the dropdown menus at the top of every page. The drop down menus give you the choice to browse either by "INTERVIEW" or by "BOOKS." Browse by interview if you are interested in in-depth discussions about the subject and the recommended books. Browse by books if you're shopping for a gift for someone or just need a quick overview of the books that have been recommended. When you click on a book, a one-liner will pop up quoting what was said about it. 

Finally, if you don't need to browse because you already have a book or author/expert in mind, you can see if they're in our catalogue by using the search function on the homepage. 

Whatever page of the site you are on, you can return to the homepage at any time by clicking on our beloved manatee


The easiest -- and free! -- way to support us is that if you ever buy not just books, but anything from Amazon.com, if you visit our site first, we will get a 6-7% commission. So a huge thank you to the person who browsed a few books with us and then bought a new refrigerator on Amazon! Just joking (about the refrigerator, that is). 

If you are more committed, you can also make a donation by becoming a member.

Other things you can do that would really help the project include: 1. Suggesting suitable interviewees and if you are extremely proactive/well-connected helping set up interviews with them. Chasing high profile people is extremely time consuming. 2. Telling as many people as possible about the site, whether directly, via a blog or Facebook/Twitter. 3. Giving us feedback on things that could be improved/made better. 


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