• The best books on Augustus - Catiline’s War, The Jugurthine War, Histories Sallust (trans. AJ Woodman)
  • The best books on Augustus - Res Gestae Divi Augusti: Text, Translation, and Commentary by Alison Cooley (editor) & Augustus
  • The best books on Augustus - Rome's Cultural Revolution by Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
  • The best books on Augustus - The Neighborhoods of Augustan Rome by J. Bert Lott
  • The best books on Augustus - Augustan Culture by Karl Galinsky

The best books on Augustus, recommended by Peter Wiseman

Is it possible that Augustus was not the first Roman emperor, but the last of Rome’s great populist champions? That’s what classicist Peter Wiseman argues in his book, The House of Augustus: A Historical Detective Story. Drawing on a lifetime of research and writing on this period, the emeritus professor of classics and ancient history gives a brilliant overview of the Augustan age, and recommends what to read to better understand the adopted son of Julius Caesar, who found Rome in brick and left it in marble.