• The best books on Family History - Family Lexicon by Natalia Ginzburg
  • The best books on Family History - The Lying Life of Adults: A Novel by Elena Ferrante
  • The best books on Family History - The Cazalet Chronicles by Elizabeth Jane Howard
  • The best books on Family History - In Memory of Memory by Maria Stepanova, by Sasha Dugdale
  • The best books on Family History - Free: Coming of Age at the End of History by Lea Ypi

The best books on Family History, recommended by Thea Lenarduzzi

The story of a family never ends, says Thea Lenarduzzi—the literary critic and author of the prize-winning family memoir Dandelions: “It’s always evolving, rewriting itself, long after the protagonists are dead.” Here, she recommends five books on family history that illustrate the shapeshifting nature of this hard-to-pin-down subject, in which memories rarely tally with the written record.

  • Books About Suicide - Remembering Denny by Calvin Trillin
  • Books About Suicide - Darkness Visible by William Clark Styron
  • Books About Suicide - Night by Elie Wiesel
  • Books About Suicide - Night Falls Fast by Kay Redfield Jamison
  • Books About Suicide - The Savage God by Al Alvarez

Books About Suicide, recommended by Johanna Reiss

As a young Dutch Jewish girl, Johanna Reiss survived World War II hidden in the attic of a farmer called Johan Oosterveld. Her memoir of that time, The Upstairs Room, is still read in schools today. But while she was researching that book in 1969, her American husband, Jim, killed himself. In this interview, she recommends books on the painful subject of suicide, as well as the music that helped heal the pain.