• The Best Cycling Books - The Rider by Tim Krabbé
  • The Best Cycling Books - What Goes Around: A London Cycle Courier's Story by Emily Chappell
  • The Best Cycling Books - Higher Calling: Road Cycling’s Obsession with the Mountains by Max Leonard
  • The Best Cycling Books - Desire Discrimination Determination: Black Champions in Cycling by Marlon Moncrieffe
  • The Best Cycling Books - End to End by Paul Jones

The Best Cycling Books, recommended by James Hibbard

As a professional cyclist, James Hibbard looked to philosophy to provide some of the answers he was looking for. He describes that quest in his book, The Art of Cycling. Here, he shares some of his own favourite cycling books, from the best cycling novel to the true story of cyclists who aim to ride the entire length of the United Kingdom in 40 hours. These are books that you don’t need to be a professional cyclist or die-hard fan to appreciate.