Chenxin Jiang

Interviews by Chenxin Jiang

The Best 21st-Century German Novels, recommended by Katy Derbyshire

There’s always been a fondness in the English-speaking world for novels about German history, but recently the books being translated into English have become much more diverse and interesting, says award-winning translator and publisher Katy Derbyshire. She introduces us to some her favourite German novels from recent years, taking us beyond Germany to Bosnia, Donbas and even Ghana.

The Best European Graphic Novels, recommended by Edward Gauvin

The European graphic novel scene has unparalleled range. From indie science fiction to historical fiction, from France to Slovenia, there’s a sheer diversity of styles, palettes, and stories on display. Fulbright-winning and Eisner-nominated translator Edward Gauvin recommends five European graphic novels that show off the continent’s best writers, artists, and writer-artists.

The Best Ukrainian Literature, recommended by Sasha Dovzhyk

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine last year, many people around the world have become more familiar with the country’s recent history, but many of us still don’t know much about its literary traditions. Academic and activist Sasha Dovzhyk introduces five works of Ukrainian literature, from an early 20th-century dramatic poem to devastating first-person accounts of the war that started in 2014.