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Angela Davis is an American political philosopher and activist. She is Professor Emerita in the History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz. She is one of the founders of Critical Resistance, an international movement dedicated to dismantling the prison industrial complex. Her 1974 autobiography was republished in 2022.

“It is hard now to convey what a sensation Davis was in the early 1970s. Born in 1944 and raised in Birmingham, Ala. (where she knew the four girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in 1963), she finished high school at the integrated Elisabeth Irwin School in New York, graduated from Brandeis and earned a PhD in philosophy from Berlin’s Humboldt University.”

LA Times review of 2022 edition of Angela Davis's 1974 autobiography

Interviews where books by Angela Davis were recommended

The Best Philosophy Books by Women, recommended by Lisa Whiting & Rebecca Buxton

When it comes to the big names in philosophy, very few people think of women and the books that make the canon have, traditionally, almost always been written by European or American men. Here, Rebecca Buxton and Lisa Whiting, editors of The Philosopher Queens, a book that collects together articles about the most important women philosophers, talk through their selection of the best philosophy books written by women.

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