Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley was born seven weeks before the iconic Saturn V rocket made its first test flight in 1967. Riley is now a film producer, director and writer specialising in science, engineering and history. His work has been celebrated by BAFTA, the US Television Academy, the Royal Television Society, the Sundance Institute and the Grierson Trust.

He conceived and co-produced the multi award-winning feature documentary In the Shadow of the Moon, produced and directed the hit documentary recreation of Gagarin’s pioneering space flight First Orbit, and wrote the bestselling Haynes Owner’s Workshop Manual on Apollo. He has been a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper and presented science documentaries for BBC Radio 4. Chris lives in Richmond, Surrey.

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The lesson of the Apollo programme is that anything is possible, says filmmaker and author Christopher Riley. He talks us through the best books (and one documentary) about America’s race with the Soviet Union to put the first man on the Moon.

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