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 is one of the most prestigious and original writers in contemporary Spanish fiction. With an extensive body of work, his novels have been translated into 35 languages, garnering widespread international praise. He is the recipient of many prestigious international honours and awards. His latest published works in English are the novel The Illogic of Kassel (New Directions, Harvill) and the anthology of short stories Vampire in Love (New Directions, And Other Stories). For more information, please visit: www.enriquevilamatas.com

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The Best Counterfactual Novels, recommended by Catherine Lacey

Novelists often make the decision to create alternate realities—worlds that are very like, but not quite identical, to our own. Catherine Lacey, the acclaimed novelist whose latest book Biography of X is set in a United States in which the Southern states seceded during the 20th century, talks us through the process of plotting counterfactual timelines and recommends five books that explore the slippery relation between truth, reality, and fiction.

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