Erik Larson

Erik Larson

Erik Larson is an American journalist and author of award-winning nonfiction books.

“Larson just has a wonderful eye for detail. And he has a way of showing how a crime is not an isolated incident but part of the larger fabric of society.” David Grann, talking about The Devil in the White City.

“Larson’s books often bring two narratives together, say a crime story and a technical story.” Timothy Jorgensen on the best books on radiation.

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The Best True Crime Books, recommended by David Grann

True crime books can be all too easily chalked up as a genre of grisly murders and cheap, voyeuristic thrills—but to do so would be to overlook compelling evidence to the contrary. David Grann, whose true crime book revisits long-forgotten, or concealed, crimes in the Osage community of Oklahoma, raises the bar with examples of true crime books rich in historical discovery, literary merit and the kind of political inquiry these murky times are calling for.

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