Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez

Gerry ‘Mr. Pipeline’ Lopez is considered one of the most influential surfers and surfboard shapers of all time—an entrepreneur, a family man, a movie star, and a lifelong yogi who brought surfing to new frontiers. Lopez made his reputation at Pipeline, then went on to a lifelong career in surfing, snowboarding, and stand-up paddle boarding. He co-founded Lightning Bolt Surfboards, was instrumental in developing the high-performance shortboard, and has appeared in many films. He lives in Bend, Oregon.

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The best books on Surfing, recommended by Gerry Lopez

The second best thing about surfing is talking about it afterward. Surf legend Gerry ‘Mr Pipeline’ Lopez’s collection of surfing stories Surf is Where You Find It, now out in its third edition, relates some of the epic waves he’s encountered, and the legendary individuals he met along the way in a lifetime’s pursuit of the glide on the ocean and on the land. Here, he picks five books on surfing by friends and heroes who have found lessons in surfing about what it means to live life well.

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