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Jim Baggott is an award-winning popular science writer and author of more than ten books. His latest book is Quantum Reality: The Quest for the Real Meaning of Quantum Mechanics

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The best books on Quantum Physics and Reality, recommended by Jim Baggott

Quantum physics is deeply confusing and its relation to reality the cause of heated debate among physicists since its discovery. Here, science writer Jim Baggott—who has spent more than three decades thinking about quantum mechanics and written a number of books about it—recommends books for better understanding what it’s about, and explains why how physicists approach it is so crucial to science’s credibility.

Jim Baggott on Writing about Physics

Contemporary physics is so complex that no single physicist can be said to have a decent grasp of the full picture. This makes communicating physics a formidable challenge.  Acclaimed popular science writer, Jim Baggott, talks us through this challenge by discussing his favourite physics books.

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