Stephen Breyer

Stephen Breyer

Before becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court in 1994, Stephen Breyer taught law at Harvard and served as the chief judge of the First Circuit Court of Appeals. A former Supreme Court clerk himself, Breyer also served as a special prosecutor during Watergate and chief counsel of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Born in San Francisco, Justice Breyer was educated at Stanford, Oxford, as a Marshall Scholar, and Harvard Law School. He is the author of seven books, including a widely used textbook on Administrative Law. Making Our Democracy Work, an examination of the interplay between society and the Supreme Court, was published in 2010

Interviews with Stephen Breyer

Stephen Breyer on his Intellectual Influences

US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer talks about the books that have influenced his thinking and explains why reading widely, including literature, is essential for judges and lawyers.

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