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Another Norwegian literary sensation, Karl Ove Knausgård, will publish The Wolves of Eternity, a sequel to Morning StarIt’s an expansive work of speculative fiction with a metaphysical element; “like some 19th-century Russian novel,” notes Sven Birkerts in The New York Times, The Wolves of Eternity “wrestles with the great contraries: the materialist view and the religious, the world as cosmic accident versus embodiment of some radiant intention. Is this world shot through with meaning or not? Has there ever been a better time to ask?” There’s an extract available over on Lithub, if you want a taster. Translation by Martin Aitken.

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Sagas old and new, from Gisli Sursson’s trials to Knausgård’s struggle, form the backbone of Roy Jacobsen’s selection of essential fiction from Norway, a country that is like ‘a black and not very polished diamond’, and where writers and readers seek out the human, ‘no matter how awkward, grandiose, sentimental, nostalgic, embarrassing, hyperbolic, stupid, hilarious or dangerous it may be’

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