Books by Patrick Ness

Patrick Ness is a British-American novelist, journalist and screenwriter who specialises in YA fiction. A twice Carnegie Medal winner, he is one of the most acclaimed young adult writers to date and is best known for his Chaos Walking trilogy which has sold over a million copies worldwide. All of the books by Patrick Ness are founded on strikingly original ideas, which he carefully enriches with tender humour, deeply human characters and descriptive masterpieces.

Ness explores a vast range of subject matter: from the messy mundane lives of adolescents in The Rest of Us Just Live Here and Release with only hints of the supernatural, to the fast-paced sci-fi thrillers which make up Chaos Walking set on a distant planet far in the future. In all of his books, Patrick Ness employs aching emotional intensity, most clearly demonstrated in A Monster Calls which explores the devastation from watching a loved one die, and More than This, a haunting psychological thriller about dealing with the guilt of childhood mistakes.

Ness has also worked with esteemed illustrators such as Rovina Cai (And the Ocean Was Our Sky) and Jim Kay (A Monster Calls). A Monster Calls became the first book to be awarded both the Carnegie Medal and the Greenaway Medal for illustrations.

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