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Philip Davis is the author of The Transferred Life of George EliotThe Victorians 1830-1880, and a companion volume on Why Victorian Literature Still Matters. He has written on Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, the literary uses of memory from Wordsworth to Lawrence, and various books on reading. His previous literary biography was a life of Bernard Malamud. He is general editor of the Literary Agenda paperback series from OUP, on the future of literary studies, for which he wrote Reading and the Reader. He is also editor of The Reader magazine, the written voice of the outreach organisation The Reader.

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The Best George Eliot Books, recommended by Philip Davis

George Eliot is all but synonymous with Victorian realism; for D H Lawrence, she was the first novelist to start ‘putting all the action inside.’ Here, Philip Davis, author of The Transferred Life of George Eliot, selects the best books by or about one of the greatest novelists of all time: ‘If you want to read literature that sets out to create a holding ground for raw human material—for human struggles, difficulties, and celebrations—read George Eliot’

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