Sean M Carroll

Sean M Carroll

Sean M Carroll is a theoretical physicist and Research Professor of Physics at the California Institute of Technology.  He specializes in quantum mechanics, gravitation, cosmology, statistical mechanics, and foundations of physics. He blogs at Preposterous Universe and you can see his Mindscape podcast—’conversations with the world’s most interesting thinkers’—here.

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The Best Books on the Big Bang, recommended by Dan Hooper

Before Einstein, how the universe began was a question for theologians, not scientists. Over a century later, we know much more, but not enough to do more than guess at what happened at the moment of the Big Bang and immediately after. Astrophysicist Dan Hooper, author of At the Edge of Timea book that explores dark energy, dark matter and other things we don’t yet understand—talks us through books about the Big Bang, and questions whether our entire understanding of the universe is about to be turned upside down.

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