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Stacey Peebles is Marlene and David Grissom Professor of Humanities, Associate Professor of English, and Director of Film Studies at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. She is author of Cormac McCarthy and Performance: Page, Stage, Screen (2017) and Welcome to the Suck: Narrating the American Soldier’s Experience in Iraq (2011) editor of the collection Violence in Literature (2014), and co-editor of the forthcoming Approaches to Teaching the Works of Cormac McCarthy.  She has published widely on the representation of contemporary war and on McCarthy, and she has been editor of the Cormac McCarthy Journal since 2010.

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The Best Cormac McCarthy Books, recommended by Stacey Peebles

From All The Pretty Horses to Blood Meridian to The Road, American novelist Cormac McCarthy (1933-2023) was a titan of literary fiction for his philosophical, violent, often deeply moving novels. Cormac McCarthy expert Stacey Peebles introduces us to the author’s oeuvre—and tells us that despite its apocalyptic bleakness, The Road is actually McCarthy’s “happiest book.”

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