2023’s Top Books on Your Relationship with Yourself

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

As an adult, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of looking after and caring about everyone else but yourself. While this is an admirable thing to do, it can leave us feeling burnt out and disconnected. With mental health issues on the rise, now more than ever, it is paramount to work on your relationship with yourself and take time for you. For anybody that is in need of a little self-love, boosted confidence and self-worth, this collection of books will help you to discover who YOU really are and will provide guidance on how to nourish you from within.

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    The Magic In Me: Transform your relationship with yourself and the key people in your life
    by Dr. Rina Bajaj

    In today’s society, more often than not, people are over-stimulated and over-busy. It can be hard to find opportunities to stop and reflect on how they are thinking and feeling, choosing to live and their relationships with others. 'The Magic in Me' by Dr. Rina Bajaj unpacks the effect people’s early attachments have on them, the power and importance of relationships, and the need for self-reflection. The book explores her professional and life experience in psychology, spiritual practices and self-development. Broken down into three main sections; the relationship with the self, relationships with others and connecting with individuals’ own identity, wants and needs; the book offers readers daily exercises designed to help them strengthen their connection to their true authentic self. Spanning a recommended thirty days, with journaling space provided within the pages, readers will be encouraged to make time for reflection to boost their inner confidence, self-worth and purpose. 'The Magic in Me' is the ideal read for anyone wanting to work on themselves, their relationships and their behaviours. The relaxation and mindfulness tips included at the end of the book, will have readers coming away feeling more aligned, calmer, and on the path to becoming who they were always meant to be.

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    Choose Joy: Relieve Burnout, Focus on Your Happiness, and Infuse More Joy into Your Everyday Life
    by Sophie Cliff & Blue Star Press

    Maybe you’re feeling exhausted, both mentally and physically, from the last few years and all of the uncertainty and change that came with them. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to meet the constant demands on your time. Maybe you’re finding it difficult to connect with the things that once added joy and meaning to your life. Or maybe you can’t even remember what those things were. If you relate to one (or more!) of those statements, then 'Choose Joy' is a must-read. The research, insights, and exercises throughout the book will help you to reduce stress and change how you react to it, uncover what really matters to you, identify your core values and develop a new approach to achieving your goals, and boost your self-confidence and realise that you're worthy of all the joy you've been dreaming about.

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    Love Yourself First: How to Heal from Toxic People, Create Healthy Relationships & Become a Confiden
    by Krystle Laughter & Krystle Laughter

    Many women are living lives far less than they deserve because they never learned how to love themselves. 'Loving Yourself First', by Krystle Laughter is the secret to being happy, finding true love, and becoming a confident woman, because you teach others how to treat you. If you've ever done love wrong, married or single, this book is for you. After reading this book, you will know how to heal from the past, teach others to love you by loving yourself, choose relationships that compliment your future, use the "3 A's of Healing" and practice self-love every day.

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    The Art of Chilling Out for Women: 100+ Ways to Replace Worry and Stress with Spiritual Healing, Sel
    by Angela D. Coleman

    Women are resilient leaders driven to achieve but can often feel stressed out. They are being adversely impacted by the Covid-19 “she-cession” with less and less women returning to the workforce due to the multi-faceted responsibilities they face inside and outside of their homes. And in a world where heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, they can’t afford to wait to relax. 'The Art of Chilling Out for Women' teaches women the value of chilling out. Here women can learn to seek self-awareness, self-love, happiness, peace, and health. With this essential resource, women will eliminate burnout, stress, and excessive personal sacrifice with practical tips and holistic wellness, like creating cleansing spaces and sacred spots, releasing childhood trauma, establishing boundaries, increasing compassion and self-love, eliminating doubt, regulating with herbs, and listening to your physical self, and much more. This book is a must-have for any woman burdened by taking on the world.

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    Real Self Care
    by Dr. Pooja Lakshmin

    What does self-care really mean? From juice cleanses to face rollers, we are sold breezy fixes to long-term social problems that manifest in us as burnout, disillusionment and stress. Yet, more than ever, many of us are feeling the consequences of these empty promises and are looking for a meaningful solution. In 'Real Self Care', psychiatrist and women's mental health specialist Dr. Pooja Lakshmin offers a sustainable practice for real self-care: an ongoing internal process that puts us in the driver's seat of our own lives. Because real self-care isn't something to buy - it's a way to be. Real self-care requires setting boundaries, treating yourself with compassion, making choices aligned with your values and asserting your power. When we practice it, we see changes in our relationships, our families, our workplaces - and our broken systems. 'Real Self Care' will enable readers to reconnect with themselves, whilst allowing them to have ownership over their life.

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