Best Neolithic Era Books

recommended by Kristal James

If you are interested in learning what it was like in the Neolithic period, these fictional accounts will give you insight that you didn’t have before.

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    The Final Days of Doggerland: A Neolithic Story of Survival in Northern Europe
    by Mike Meier

    This tells the story of those who lived in "Doggerland" during the Neolithic period. The details in this book are amazing and based on archeological facts to support them. Informative and entertaining, this book takes the top spot on my list.

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    The Caves of Perigord: A Novel
    by Martin Walker

    This book technically takes place in the modern era, but there are so many historically-based facts about the Neolithic period that makes it an interesting read. Circling around the drama caused by a newly discovered cave painting fragment, this book takes you on a fabulous journey to the past.

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    Stone Mirror: A Novel of the Neolithic
    by Rob Swigart

    This book also toggles back and forth between the modern times and the Neolithic period, weaving plenty of archeological facts all the while. Similar to "The Caves of Perigord," the main character finds an ancient tool, the story of which takes him on a journey that spans millenia.

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    Pillar of the Sky: A Novel of Stonehenge
    by Cecelia Holland

    Though the origin of Stonehenge remains a mystery to archeologists and historians, this book takes some liberty in imagining its creation. Though not technically historically correct, it is still an interesting read and very thought-provoking.

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    Silver Skin
    by Joan Lennon

    What do you get when you mix prehistory with time travel? A good read like this one. This book takes place in Stone Age Scotland and does a great job of bringing the people of the time to life.

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