best teen romance with an important message

recommended by Bella Cox

This topic is easy to get lost in yet at the same time teach us something about the life we choose to lead. These books inspired me to read a lot more like them.

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    The Notebook
    by Nicholas Sparks

    This book demonstrates how different groups of people can be treated simply based on their economic background. It also shows how society can influence the choices we make, yet show that it is unnecessary to abide by the rules.

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    It Ends with Us: A Novel (1)
    by Colleen Hoover

    this book shows a deep insight into what goes on in the minds of those involved in abusive relationships. it demonstrates how abusers hide who they are until you're deep into the relationship. the author does an amazing job at writing the abuser as someone the reader can fall in love and understand the relationship.

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    A Walk to Remember
    by Nicholas Sparks

    This book shows how you can go through life without succumbing to the pressure of society. it demonstrates how high school can seem insignificant to some yet can change your future.

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    The Fault in Our Stars (Spanish Edition)
    by John Green

    (couldn't find English version) the author describes how although you could have a life threatening disease. it doesn't dictate how your life goes. it shows how to live in the moment and worry less about the future as it is not guaranteed yet the present is. it teaches how to deal with life's obstacles.

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    All the Bright Places
    by Jennifer Niven

    It digs deep into mental health such as bipolar disease and depression, and the effects they have on teens lives. It shows how to move on with life after a great loss yet still remember that part of your life. i recommend it because of the awareness it brings.

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