Five Inspiring Books Championing Womens’ Voices

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

With beliefs about empowering and enabling women changing for the better, women’s voices are being heard now more than ever before. However, if you’re feeling uninspired and unmotivated, fear not, as this collection of books highlight what women can really achieve when they step into their true power and use their voices as a catalyst for change.

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    The Gift: One woman's journey from tragedy to building a global business for good
    by Zareen Roohi Ahmed

    Zareen Roohi Ahmed's new book, 'The Gift' is her tale of overwhelming resilience, determination and purpose and the life-changing impact she has had on many. After tragically losing her daughter Halimah in 2007, instead of succumbing to the pain, Zareen channelled her grief into action, established a charity in Halimah’s honour and dedicated herself to helping women and girls around the world. Throughout 'The Gift', Zareen outlines how she made her purpose a reality, sharing her vision for tackling period poverty, one of the most pervasive issues affecting women and girls worldwide, and revolutionising the fem-care industry with accessible, safe and sustainable period products. She explores the creation of her unique range of toiletries, from establishing Gift Wellness as a business to researching the product formula and distributing period products to displaced women and women in crisis through the Gift Wellness Foundation. 'The Gift' is also a tender and moving account of Zareen’s commitment to continuing Halimah’s legacy - a passion for Third World Development, social enterprise and education. Establishing The Halimah Trust in her name, Zareen writes about the process of setting up The Halimah School of Excellence and Halimah College in Pakistan which provides education for 1000 girls aged four to eighteen, plus the ongoing impact the charity has on communities there. A story of undeniable strength, impressive innovation, and overwhelming heart, 'The Gift' is an inspiring and thought-provoking story of how one woman transformed personal loss into an entrepreneurial journey that has touched the lives of many across the globe.

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    Voices of Powerful Women: Words of Wisdom from 40 of the World's Most Inspiring Women
    by Zoe Sallis

    This empowering volume collects the words of 40 amazing women who have shown their personal power in many different ways. From environmentalists, humanitarians and Nobel Peace Prize winners to entrepreneurs, musicians and artists, these women discuss their work, their achievements, their hopes and their fears, offering inspiration and optimism for the future through their fascinating explanations of what they have achieved. Topics range from influential early experiences, inspirations in life and most admired female figures to causes of anger, greatest fears, how to change the world and advice for the younger generation. 'Voices of Powerful Women' encourages women everywhere to know they can achieve their greatest ambitions and help change the world for the better.

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    The Great Book of Badass Women: 15 Fearless and Inspirational Women that Changed History
    by Rachel Walsh & Bill O'Neill

    There have been countless incredible women who have changed the world for the better, yet most people have never even heard of them. Women throughout history have fought for their rights and the rights of others, defended their countries during wartime, healed the sick and the wounded, invented new technologies, led countries, made inspiring art, and so much more. This collection of biographies and quick trivia facts will tell the stories of the courageous and tenacious women who have paved the way for the women of the future. Although women—especially women of colour—have largely been excluded from our history books, these unsung heroes have always been there. By reading their stories, we preserve their legacies and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

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    The Female Factor: The Whole-Body Health Bible for Women (The Food Medic)
    by Hazel Wallace

    The male body has always been the default body in clinical medicine, making the assumption that women are just smaller versions of men. This could not be more wrong. This bold, comprehensive guide to understanding women's health shakes up the narrative for women of all ages. 'The Female Factor' provides methods to protect and maximise your health in positive, affirming steps. Spanning nutrition, movement, mood, sleep and 50 balanced and delicious recipes, Hazel Wallace has created a blueprint to understanding and aligning your wellbeing, your hormones and your body, both in the short-term and long-term, filled with practical and insightful information to harness throughout the course of your life.

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    What It Takes: The Inspiring Journey of Sarina Wiegman and the Lionesses’ Rise to Success
    by Sarina Wiegman & Jeroen Visscher

    As FIFA's most decorated female football manager and a former player, Sarina Wiegman has led both the Netherlands and England women's national teams to historic victories. She stands out as a true pioneer in the game, and her coaching philosophy has earned her a reputation as one of the most successful coaches in football history. This personal account of Sarina's life journey begins with her early passion for football, and covers her key moments on the pitch as well as her ascension to the top of the coaching world. Join Sarina as she talks us through her rollercoaster ride of victories and challenges, the tough decisions she had to make both on and off the pitch, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that saw her rise to become an indomitable figure in the world of sports. And, it’s not just about the game. In a world where football has become more competitive than ever, Sarina's revolutionary approach to leadership, mentorship, and performance management has garnered global attention. In What It Takes we gain invaluable insight into Sarina’s unique philosophy, as she shares how she fostered an environment that values determination, teamwork, and mutual respect. A strong advocate for women in the sport, she outlines a transformative and inclusive future for football where everyone has an equal chance to shine, irrespective of gender.

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