Five Inspiring Books to Support Parents of Children with Additional Needs

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

Parenting can be challenging at the best of times, and can be even harder if your child has additional needs. Despite having Google at our fingertips, if you are struggling and you need some help, you can’t beat reading a book written by another parent who has experienced raising a child with special needs, or an expert on neurodivergent children. If you are looking for some guidance and advice, or just some reassurance, then this collection of books is a great starting place.

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    What’s Possible?: Plan a better future for your young adult with additional needs
    by Graham Caldow

    All parents worry about their children’s futures, but as a parent to a child with additional needs, the fears of navigating the future can be further intensified. It is often a parent’s role to encourage young adults and to help them develop responsibilities and learning skills for greater independence, for example building lasting relationships and understanding the value of money. By embracing the future, taking the reins and intentionally planning the next steps, parents can remove the uncertainty, turning the unknown into an exploration of what’s possible. As a parent to a child with additional needs himself, Graham Caldow’s new book 'What’s Possible?' proactively drives the discussion around how to plan better futures for young adults with additional needs. Through the book, he shares his own experiences as a parent and the tools he has created to support parents and guardians as they guide their children to not only live independently but be fulfilled by finding their purpose. Within the book, Graham unpacks how every family can create an easy to follow and actionable life plan, using the unique ‘Red Giraffe Route Map’. Similar to a train map, the map is comprised of four main ‘lines’ or sections, detailing a separate focus: becoming more independent, managing relationships better, finding a daily purpose, and organising finances, and how young adults can develop greater independence and fulfilment in each of these areas of life. Full of practical, easy-to-implement ideas, 'What’s Possible?' is for parents and those with parental responsibilities to help them push boundaries and explore potential, supporting young adults with additional needs to live the life they want, both now and in the future.

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    Help! I'm a SEND Parent: A complete guide for parents raising children with special needs.
    by Carrie Els

    'Help! I'm a SEND Parent' by Carrie Els empowers parents to know their rights and get the best support for their children with special needs. The book is divided into three sections. The first part is her autobiography, telling the story of her personal journey from becoming a mum, discovering the world of special needs, fighting for support, to becoming a SEND advocate. Carrie's story is not always easy to read as it is raw, honest, and not sugar-coated so if you find it triggering feel free to skip it entirely. The second section of the book breaks down the issues faced by parents of special needs kids, allowing parents to jump to the relevant chapter to get immediate support. Perfect for those who are short on time or as a reference book that can be read again, and again as new issues arise. Chapters within this section include EHCP's, Toileting, Sleep, Pets, School support, Meetings, Anxiety, Outings, Violent Behaviour and so much more. The final section of the book includes practical worksheets and pages that you can print out and use. These are designed to help you manage life around special needs and to keep you organised. This section also contains useful links to documents, resources, support groups, and more. 'Help! I'm a SEND Parent' is the ideal read for any parent of a child with additional needs looking for some help.

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    Raising Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors: Brain-Body-Sensory Strategies That Really Work
    by Robyn Gobbel

    Parenting and neuroscience expert Robyn Gobbel is here to reveal how all behaviour, no matter how baffling, can be explained and remedied. You just need to look past the behaviour and understand what's going on inside. In 'Raising Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors', Robyn decodes the latest brain science into easy-to-understand principles and metaphors to help you become an expert in your child's behaviour. She reveals simple ways to help you regulate and connect with your child, with brain-, body- and sensory-based strategies to overcome day-to-day challenges. She also provides you with the knowledge to understand and regulate your own brain so that you don't flip your lid when your child flips theirs. Let this be your lifeline for parenting or caring for any child with baffling behaviours and hidden challenges, including kids who have experienced adversity, or with additional needs.

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    Your Child is Not Broken: Parent Your Neurodivergent Child Without Losing Your Marbles
    by Heidi Mavir

    'Your Child Is Not Broken' is THE book for parents who need permission to do things differently. An unapologetic, deeply moving manual for parents of neurodivergent children from Heidi Mavir, a late-identified, neurodivergent adult and parent to an autistic/ADHD teenager. This updated edition includes information on pathological demand avoidance, rejection sensitivity dysphoria, an interview with Heidi's son Theo and more. Follow Heidi's irreverent and brutally honest story of her fight to be seen, heard and supported, while swimming against a tide of parent blame, ableist stereotypes and the weight of other people’s opinions. 'Your Child Is Not Broken' is a call to arms for parents and carers of autistic, ADHD, or otherwise neurodivergent children. It is the book that no one has dared to write but every parent needs to read. Heidi Mavir’s hilarious anecdotes and heartbreaking storytelling offer validation, comfort, reassurance and wisdom to parents who need it the most.

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    Parenting a Child with ADHD: The Easiest Path to Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children. A Complet
    by Henrietta Shepard

    Your ADHD struggles, frustrations, and other negative emotions might be over! Setting off on the wonderful journey of 'Parenting a Child with ADHD' is like embarking on an adventure where every struggle is an opportunity, every irritation a chance to learn, and every moment - a step toward transformation. In the fast-paced world of parenting, where raising explosive boys and girls with ADHD might feel like crossing unfamiliar territory, keep in mind that you're not alone on this journey, and your drive and willingness to make it better is your best compass. If you're ready to discover the mysteries underlying your child's emotional turmoil and rewrite the laws of parenting with unflinching confidence, then prepare for a foolproof transformation. Reading this book you'll discover, how to navigate the ADHD-emotion blend for smart and intelligent parenting; how to use empathy, control, and awareness to help your ADHD children become the best versions of themselves; and how to craft an ADHD-friendly haven with structure and care at home and outside. You will also learn what your actual role is as a parent, and learn proven strategies to tackle the emotions and behaviour of your ADHD child. What's more, you will be able to empower your child's school journey with confidence using this step-by-step plan, and identify what type of ADHD your kid struggles with and prepare an action plan accordingly. Let's start turning meltdowns into breakthroughs and turmoil into building bricks for a brighter future. With each page flip, you'll be more able to comprehend the emotional maze your kid is navigating and offer them the support and understanding they desire. This is more than simply a book - it's your key to developing a strong parent-child connection! Now it's your turn to enter a world where parenting is an empowering adventure rather than a struggle.

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