Five must-reads for leaders expanding their business internationally

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With the new year approaching, many things appear on a New Year’s resolution list, and reading more books tends to feature a lot. If you’re a leader looking to grow your business on an international scale next year, then set aside some time to read this collection of books. Reading books and gaining expert advice will not only grow your knowledge, it will also enable you to exponentially expand your business in 2024.

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    Global Influence: How business leaders can simplify, improve, and amplify their international impact
    by Jose Ucar

    With the world shrinking, hyper-connected through technology and adapted to a model of remote working, a person's physical location is rarely a barrier to being able to fulfil one’s job. However, overcoming cultural differences and communication issues is a challenge many businesses continue to face. 'Global Influence' is the ultimate guide for business leaders looking to navigate the world of international business and successfully communicate with culturally diverse teams. Communicating effectively to an international audience is often limited by factors such as fear, differing perspectives, and cultural differences. In 'Global Influence', author Jose breaks down what can be done to overcome this tendency, exploring how to amplify one’s global impact and create meaningful connections with others, regardless of culture. 'Global Influence' will help leaders develop their skills through a mixture of practical advice, self-reflection and inspiring anecdotes. It covers a range of topics, from how to express yourself confidently, to knowing how to approach difficult conversations and resolve conflicts with ease. Throughout, Jose also highlights the importance of authenticity, and how being yourself will foster trust, reliability, and understanding in relationships, the true foundation of communicating impactfully with others. For leaders, 'Global Influence' will challenge and equip them to develop skills that will make them stand out in crowded markets and create a positive influence that drives business results that transcend borders. Beyond this, the book is also a comprehensive guide to becoming a better leader overall and how intentional communication underpins every area of leadership growth.

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    Succeeding in Business in Any Market - Volume II: Together with Insights from Top International Busi
    by Brian Tracy, Medhat Zaki, Meeta Dani, Mohamed Dakson, Alex Morris, Klaus Metzenauer, Mario Springer

    'Succeeding in Business in Any Market' offers practical strategies and insights for navigating the ever-changing business landscape. The collective wisdom of the esteemed co-authors, who bring decades of experience from diverse sectors, provides readers with a valuable source of knowledge. Their contributions distil the essence of their expertise, offering readers a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals. This book reinforces the belief that with the right mindset, tools, and knowledge, success is attainable in any industry or market. The book will empower entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners to realise their full potential and make a positive impact in their respective fields.

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    Take Your Company Global: The New Rules of International Expansion
    by Nataly Kelly

    If you're on the internet, you're global. HubSpot executive Nataly Kelly offers an innovative data-driven model for profitably expanding the international presence you already have. Companies looking to expand used to think about "entering international markets," but today you're global from the moment you create a website. Kelly's MARACA model enables companies to distil the mass amounts of data available to determine if, how, and where they should expand by looking at three key areas of measurement: market availability (the size of the market opportunity within a given), real-time analytics (data indicating how your company is currently performing in that market), and customer addressability (the measure of your company's ability to address the market, no matter its size). 'Take Your Company Global' is based on Kelly's experiences with building a global business both at HubSpot and as a consultant, but also contains numerous examples from successful global companies of various sizes, such as Airbnb, Canva, Dashlane, GoStudent, Facebook, LinkedIn, Lottie Dolls, Netflix, Revolut, Teamwork, and Zoom. Including information on building a globally minded corporate culture, this book is a complete strategic guide to discovering international growth opportunities.

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    21st Century Business Icons: The Leaders Who Are Changing our World
    by Sally Percy

    From the stratospheric success of Jeff Bezos to the secret genius of Satoshi Nakamoto, '21st Century Business Icons' uncovers the fascinating success stories behind some of the world's most innovative business leaders. Behind every success is the unique story of an individual who has transformed their ambition into reality. They have overcome their competition through innovation, determination and confidence. This book uncovers the stories behind these figures - while they may be divisive, controversial or polarizing - each of them offers fascinating insights into business and society. Stretching from California to Tokyo and covering sectors such as tech, retail, banking and social media, this book uncovers the secrets behind success on a global scale. Discover how Whitney Wolfe Herd reinvented the dating industry and how Jimmy Donaldson built a YouTube business empire. 21st Century Business Icons is a fascinating exploration of the entrepreneurs, influencers and pioneers who have redefined the 21st century.

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    Scale or Fail: How to Build Your Dream Team, Explode Your Growth, and Let Your Business Soar
    by Allison Maslan

    In 'Scale or Fail', author Allison Maslan―who has successfully scaled ten companies from scratch and has guided thousands of small businesses to do the same―shares her revolutionary SCALEit Method ® for successfully growing, replicating, and expanding your business. She also shares pivotal mindset strategies she’s used to break the fear barrier as a trapeze artist so you can move past any obstacle, take strategic Big Picture risks, and fulfill your dreams of business expansion and skyrocketing profit. Featuring a wealth of real-life success stories, visual tools, and exercises that are prescriptive and inspirational, 'Scale or Fail' offers proven scaling strategies and a proactive approach to create your Big Picture Vision and build a plan to achieve it; produce an ever-flowing stream of cash flow with consistent profits; establish a powerhouse team that functions well without you; become a true leader and feel like you deserve your success; improve systems and processes that facilitate scaling; and get past the mental and strategic pitfalls that cause revenue bottlenecks. 'Scale or Fail' is adaptable to any type of business―manufacturing, consumer goods, a brick-and-mortar, a digital service, a wholesaler, a consulting service, and everything in between. Whether you’re six figures and scaling to seven. . . or in the seven figures and scaling to eight or even nine, 'Scale or Fail' provides the roadmap to multiply your business growth―and empower you to soar in the air with the greatest of ease.

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