The Best books on Sex, Foreplay, and Marriage

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Sex, is just a three letter word but there is so much we are still discovering about it. Authors Ali Dada and Laila Din, who just published “The Perfumed Garden 2: A Sensual Spiritual Sex Manual” list the best sex guides they found while researching their book.

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    Real Sex for Real Women
    by Laura Berman

    Laura Berman's books are one of our favorite books related to sex and intimacy. With "Real Sex for Real Women," the quality of the book is amazing in terms of the varied topics and is very comprehensive. There are color photos and the layout of the book makes it an easy book to read or reference.

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    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex, 4th Edition
    by Sari Locker

    This is a great introductory book about sex. As with other Idiot and Dummies books the layout of the book and the fact that it is easy to reference make it a highly recommended book. There are a few color photos in part of the book. The author hits on all the key topics and has many "How-tos." As with any book, we wouldn't take everything with a grain of salt. There are things in there that morally would not fit with our faith and values (that is why we wrote, "The Perfumed Garden 2"), eg threesomes and S&M. You can still be selective in what you take from the book.

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    The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know
    by Mantak Chia, Maneewan Chia, Douglas Abrams & Rachel Carlton Abrams

    Most books talk about sex from a biological, or physicality perspective. Mantak Chia, fills the void with a spiritual perspective on sex. It addresses the subject holistically from a Spiritual sex perspective. We love the sexual energy and the author through both words and illustrations does an amazing job. The other thing we really like about this book is that rather than just addressing one gender it addresses both men and women.

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    The Illustrated Perfumed Garden: A Sensuous Paradise Where Erotic Love Grows and Blooms
    by Sheik Nefzawi, Jan Hutchinson, Kirsty McKenzie, Ken Brass & Richard Burton

    This is an all-time classic by Sheik Nefzawi complimented with illustrations. The book is a fifteenth-century Arabic sex manual that has many varied topics beyond sex. This includes eg the qualities of men and women that are worthy of praise, plus topics like stimulation and desire which cover foreplay. Being from the 15th century it is a little dated but that is what inspired us to create, "The Perfumed Garden 2".

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    Ultimate Erotic Massage: The Complete Sensual Guide to Hands-on Bliss
    by Kavida Rei

    This is a good book on massage for couples. It has a lot of illustrations/photos (and if you are not comfortable with partial nudity be warned). The book is easy to browse and touches upon the spirituality of massage and things like getting in the mood. We would say the book is more inspirational than instructional, and that is not the fault of this author or anyone other books on massage. It is challenging trying to describe the movements of massage via a still photo. All in all a great book to build intimacy.

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