The top five reads for mastering inclusive culture within business

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For a business to be successful, leaders need to create an inclusive culture – one that embraces and celebrates our differences. In order for employees to perform at their best, they need to feel they can be their true selves, regardless of their race, nationality, educational background, gender, ability, sexual orientation, age, or socioeconomic status. For leaders looking to master an inclusive culture within their business, then this collection of books will be invaluable.

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    The Secret Sauce: Superscale your business and empower your talent with empathetic leadership
    by Sam Smith

    In 'The Secret Sauce', author Sam Smith shares her proven success strategies and ideas for leaders wanting to scale their business. After starting a business herself, growing it to a turnover of £1 million a year, and then scaling that to £1 million a week, she knows first-hand what needs to be done to create a profitable business to be proud of. The book covers topics such as building a growth mindset, perfecting company culture, and clear internal communication. It also explores understanding vision and mission, engaging teams in the long-term effort to scale, investing in future leaders, prioritising inclusive leadership and handling the complexities of exits from a company. Broken down into digestible chapters that can be read and reread as and when needed, 'The Secret Sauce' is a book for those that are willing and ready to take their business to the next level. The advice that Sam shares throughout, is invaluable for both current and aspiring entrepreneurs, plus anyone needing a fresh perspective on how to scale their business. Readers will learn how to be an empathetic leader, their own growth champion, and build a culture that attracts the types of people who help to build real value.

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    Cultures of Belonging: Building Inclusive Organizations that Last
    by Alida Miranda-Wolff

    'Cultures of Belonging' is filled with actionable advice that author Alida Miranda-Wolff learned through her own struggles of being an outsider in a work culture that did not value inclusion. Having since worked with over 60 organisations to prioritise DEI initiatives and all the value and richness it adds to the workplace, throughout the book Alida helps leaders learn why creating an environment where everyone feels belonging is the new barometer for employee engagement. 'Cultures of Belonging' will also help leaders to, develop an understanding of the key terms around DEI and why they matter, assess where their organisation is today, define and take the small steps that build new muscle memory into an organisational culture, and increase employee engagement, collaboration, innovation, communication, and sense of belonging. The book will help leaders overcome any limiting work environment and build all new processes and communication priorities that allow their employees to be a part of something greater than themselves, while their organisation learns to value and embrace the unique experiences and perspective that each employee brings to the company.

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    How to Be an Inclusive Leader: Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive
    by Jennifer Brown

    We know why diversity is important, but how do we drive real change at work? Diversity and inclusion expert Jennifer Brown provides a step-by-step guide for the personal and emotional journey we must undertake to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. Human potential is unleashed when we feel like we belong. That's why inclusive workplaces experience higher engagement, performance, and profits. But the reality is that many people still feel unable to bring their true selves to work. In a world where the talent pool is becoming increasingly diverse, it's more important than ever for leaders to truly understand how to support inclusion. Jennifer guides readers through the Inclusive Leader Continuum, a set of four developmental stages: unaware, aware, active, and advocate. She describes the hallmarks of each stage, the behaviours and mindsets that inform it, and what readers can do to keep progressing. Whether you're a powerful CEO or a new employee without direct reports, there are actions you can take that can drastically change the day-to-day reality for your colleagues and the trajectory of your organisation. This book will meet you where you are and provide a road map to create a workplace of greater mutual understanding where everyone's talents can shine.

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    Inclusive Leadership: The Definitive Guide To Developing And Executing An Impactful Diversity And In
    by Charlotte Sweeney & Fleur Bothwick

    The most successful organisations are those with the most diverse and engaged workforces. When people feel included and able to reach their full potential, they are more engaged, more productive and often more creative. 'Inclusive Leadership' will help you drive culture change using organisational development principles. It takes you through the key components of leading change throughout the employee lifecycle, your supply chain, and through product development. Crucially, it will help you make a genuine impact on your business, through your people, both now and in the future.

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    Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging Workplaces (2nd Edition)
    by Karen Catlin & Sally McGraw

    Are you looking to build a workplace culture with a certain buzz about it? Where employees are thriving and engagement survey scores are through the roof? Where people from different backgrounds, races, genders, sexual orientations and identities, ages, and abilities are hired and set up for success? One secret to creating this kind of vibrant and supportive workplace is practicing active allyship. With the Better Allies® approach, it's something anyone can do. In 'Better Allies' you'll learn to spot situations where you can create a more inclusive culture, along with straightforward steps to take and changes to make. Catlin, a highly-sought after expert on allyship, will walk you through: attracting and hiring a diverse workforce; cultivating an environment where coworkers feel welcome, respected, and supported; amplifying and advocating for others; giving effective and equitable performance feedback; using more inclusive language; and running inclusive conferences and events. Read this book to learn the Better Allies® approach, level-up your ally skills, and create a culture where everyone can do their best work and thrive.

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