The Top Five Reads To Challenge Your Perception of Leadership

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The world is becoming more uncertain by the day, which can make the life of a leader rather challenging. If you’re a leader that’s feeling overwhelmed by the unpredictability and you’re unsure how to navigate ahead, then fear not, these books are your beacon of light. You’ll discover new ideas and perceptions of how to lead successfully, despite the obstacles you come up against.

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    The Unseen Leader: How History Can Help Us Rethink Leadership
    by Martin Gutmann

    In 'The Unseen Leader', author Martin Gutmann presents a new perspective on leadership – one that is rooted in the insights from history. By drawing on four ‘unseen’ leaders from the past, Martin explores what it takes to be a true leader that makes a real difference in the world. Martin honed his focus on Roald Amundsen, a highly successful polar explorer, yet the least well-known; Toussaint Louverture, history’s only successful slave rebellion leader; Winston Churchill, the controversial colonialist and successful designer of the World War II Allied victory; and Gertrude Bell, mountain climber, desert explorer and shaper of the modern Middle East. Each has their own inspiring story in the face of very different experiences and challenges. Martin aims to debunk years of guru-inspired leadership wisdom, revealing that being a successful leader has very little to do with heroic struggles or Hollywood stereotypes. In fact, as history has shown us, the most effective leaders are often ‘unseen’, and are overlooked. Offering practical insights for leaders from every corner of society, 'The Unseen Leader' is a must-read for anybody that wants a deep dive into what it means to truly lead with passion, vision and purpose in order to make positive, lasting change.

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    Develop Your Leadership Superpowers: 50 Key Skills You Need to Succeed as a Leader
    by Dietmar Sternad & Eva Kobin

    Whether you are new to a leadership role or want to take your existing leadership competencies to a higher level—'Develop Your Leadership Superpowers' is a practical guide for you. This book provides a fast track to learning the 50 key leadership skills that will really make a difference for your success as a leader. Based on state-of-the-art leadership knowledge, you will learn how to get into the right leadership mindset and become a confident leader; effectively communicate with others; set the right priorities to focus yourself and your team on the things that really matter; build and lead a winning team; and help other people grow and achieve outstanding performance levels. You'll receive clear and actionable advice on how to master the challenge of becoming a successful leader. With 50 practical exercises that will help you grow as a leader right away … and with heartwarming illustrations that will allow you to ‘feel’ what effective leadership really means. This book is the perfect read for both new and experienced leaders.

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    Stoicism at the Summit: Embodying Ancient Principles for Peak Performance and Leadership in Business
    by Greig & Kirsten Calder & Kirsten Calder

    Embark on a transformative journey with 'Stoicism at the Summit' by Greig & Kirsten Calder, where the timeless wisdom of Stoic philosophy meets the dynamic world of modern business. This enlightening guide offers a unique fusion of ancient Greek and Roman teachings with practical strategies for today’s business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking sustainable success and ethical excellence. In this meticulously crafted book, you'll explore how Stoic virtues – wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance – can profoundly shape your approach to leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving in the corporate sphere. Discover the power of Stoicism to enhance resilience, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness in high-stakes business environments. 'Stoicism at the Summit' is more than a book; it's an invitation to reshape your professional life with enduring principles that have withstood the test of time. Perfect for business analysts, managers, and leaders across levels, this book will guide you to peak performance, equipping you with a Stoic compass for navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. Whether you're scaling the heights of corporate leadership or navigating the challenges of entrepreneurial ventures, this book offers the philosophical grounding and practical insights you need to succeed with integrity, balance, and foresight. Embrace the Stoic path to business excellence and redefine what it means to achieve success.

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    Great Leaders: Inspirational Lessons in Leadership
    by John Adair

    'Great Leaders' by John Adair is aimed at stimulating your curiosity and guiding you through the various facets of leadership. Throughout the book great leaders in history are reviewed to identify the main lessons that should be learnt from them. What emerges is a concept of leadership that is highly relevant to the needs of the world today. 'Great Leaders' is a book rich in examples and case studies, and wide-ranging in scope. With a thematic structure, John illustrates the different facets of leadership including; knowledge, communication, decision-making, inspiring while informing, making progress in a changing world, charisma, women as leaders, and leaders for tomorrow. The very different styles of leadership of Lincoln, de Gaulle, Hitler, Socrates, Lao Tzu, Washington, Thatcher, Gandhi and many more are examined, focusing on the cardinal qualities of inspiring, communicating and decision-making but also of humour, intuition and imagination. This book is a great read for all leaders of today.

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    The Nine Types of Leader: How the Leaders of Tomorrow Can Learn from The Leaders of Today
    by James Ashton

    Find out what makes great leaders tick, learn what it takes to be credible and read about the things that they'd do differently if they had to do it all again. 'The Nine Types of Leader' by James Ashton introduces some obvious and some not so obvious types of leader through stories, anecdotes and insight garnered from hundreds of encounters with world-class leaders. Featuring interviews with industry titans including Jean-Francois Decaux of JC Decaux, Michael Rapino of Live Nation, Zhang Ruimin of Haier, Gavin Patterson of Salesforce and Isabelle Kocher of Engie, it explores how the leaders of tomorrow will improve their game by borrowing from the very best of the nine types of leader that exist today. Renowned journalist, James Ashton assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each leadership type, highlighting where and when they are best deployed, whilst helping you identify who you are and how you can improve performance. As the world seeks to recover from drastic disruption and uncertainty and the most acute test of leadership in living memory, it projects how future leaders can learn from what has gone before.

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