Top 5 Books to Help People Grow Their Business

recommended by Daisy Reynolds

There is no time like the new year to think about growing your business. Whether that means physical expansion, hiring new team members, starting fresh business systems or launching a product, January is, however cliche it sounds, a great time to instigate change. This collection of books is sure to have the answer to at least one question commonly asked by leaders who want to grow and improve their business but are unsure where to start.

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    Creating Strategy: A Practical Guide
    by Michael Bernard

    All businesses need a good strategy for growth, and this book details every stage of creating a good strategy from start to finish. Digging deep into the importance of embedding all strategies in the business purpose, mission and values, it debunks the need for templates, excessive documenting and long meetings. Instead, it details how to write a good, innovative strategy, get it approved and successfully execute it

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    The Grid: The Decision-making Tool for Every Business (Including Yours)
    by Matt Watkinson

    This ground-breaking book reveals the fundamental, inseparable elements behind the success of every business. Detailing a structure that works for any business, it provides the mental scaffolding to help leaders evaluate and refine product and service ideas and reduce risk by considering the broader impact of strategic decisions. It explains how to identify the root causes of business challenges, anticipate the impact of changes in the market and turn them to your advantage, plus tips on how to collaborate more effectively across teams.

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    You Are A Badass At Making Money
    by Jen Sincero

    Although not the traditional business book, You Are a Badass at Making Money addresses one of the core factors that can either make or break business growth: your bank balance. This book analyses people’s approach to money and concludes that the amount in anyone’s account is a reflection of their attitudes towards money. It is a humourous, informative and eye-opening take on managing money, saving and putting it towards the things you believe in.

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    Play the Game: How to Win in Today’s Changing Environment
    by Adam Strong & + 17 Game-Changing Leaders

    Even if business growth is the dream, sometimes organisations can get stuck in their ways. Many leaders looking to take the next step and scale their businesses find themselves constrained by the practices that once underpinned their organisation, but no longer serve their vision for growth. Play the Game brings together seventeen business leaders to share their experience of business growth. The book aims to help readers close the gap between their vision and current reality, giving them practical and intuitive advice on how to expand their business.

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    by Justin Mares,Gabriel Weinberg and

    Aimed at start-ups, this book addresses how businesses can expand their audiences and appeal to new customers. Recognising that most start-ups don’t fail because of a lack of originality, entrepreneurial spirit or a skilled team, but that it's a struggle to gain new customers that is the biggest limitation, Traction is an essential go-to for all young businesses. It offers advice for building a customer base and an invaluable framework to follow along the way.

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