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“Dare to be wise”— Horace

Five Books is a comprehensive library of knowledge, curating book recommendations on any topic you might want to read about. We have covered 1,300 topics so far and add at least two new ones every week.

We ask leaders in a field to make book recommendations in their area of expertise and explain their choices in an interview. Our interviews range from engaging introductions to specialist subjectssuch as the Dutch Masters, Globalization, “Anti-memoirs”, ExistentialismViolence (or its decline)to in-depth explorations of more personal themes and inspirations, from the likes of John Kerry,  Ian McEwan, Margaret Drabble and Elif Shafak.



For general comments and queries, please email us at editor@fivebooks.com. Editor Sophie Roell and CEO Juliet Frost are based in Oxford and deputy editor Cal Flyn is based in Scotland.

Other key contributors are:

Eve Gerber | United States Editor
Nigel Warburton | Philosophy Editor
Ben King | History & Economics Editor
Romas Viesulas | Art & Architecture Editor
Tuva Kahrs | Children’s Editor
Caspar Henderson | Science & Environment Editor
Stephanie Kelley | Literary Editor
Edouard Mathieu | Data & Tech Editor


“FiveBooks, a smart site for book-lovers, applies a Fuzz-like model to books; here, too, the logic is that humans can outperform the algorithms”  Slate

“They ask a writer to select five of their favorite books on some particular topic, and then interview them about their choices. I was honored to be interviewed for today’s FiveBooks (just after Ian McEwan–yikes!)”  Carl Zimmer (The Best Books on the strangeness of Life )  National Geographic 

“FiveBooks: Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyards suggests five inspiring books on wine. — Eric Asimov”.  The New York Times.

“This is an interesting interview by Sophie Roell over at FiveBooks.com with Harvard University economist Robert Barro on the lessons of the Great Depression” National Review

“It’s been a very good year for science books, says Barbara Kiser, Nature’s Books and Arts editor. She tells Five Books her picks for the five unmissable science books of 2018.” Nature

“Bad Behavior, Sore Losers and Human Nature Here are your morning reads. The Best Books on Capitalism and Human Nature, according to Robert Shiller (Five Books)”  Bloomberg

“Google’s consultant philosopher talks about theories of knowledge and cognition from Plato to Turing by way of Descartes and Kant.” Luciano Floridi on the philosophy of information, “Why you should be afraid of a smart toaster”  BBC


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