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Bob Woodward is an American journalist who as a young reporter was propelled to stardom by his role in uncovering the Watergate scandal, along with his fellow metro reporter at the Washington Post, Carl Bernstein. He has written around 20 books, many of them about presidencies, relying on his high-level access to tell fast-paced stories about unfolding events, such as the Iraq War.

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Since we spoke with Trump co-author, Tony Schwartz, last year, a number of new books on Donald Trump have been published. The latest (published September 15th) is Rage by Bob Woodward, the American investigative reporter of Watergate fame, who in recent decades has become a White House chronicler. A useful article on his relationship with the subject of his books, including Trump—important to bear in mind as you read the book—appears in this article, “How to Read a Woodward Book,” in the Atlantic

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