Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker was an American short story writer (1893 – 1967).

‘Dorothy Parker wrote many kinds of things – short stories, book reviews and poetry. Not the kind of poetry people think of, not John Donne – she wrote light-hearted poems, she wrote theatre reviews, she wrote for The New Yorker. She was most known for being part of a group that was called the Algonquin Round Table – a group of writers that hung around the Algonquin Hotel who were known for being very witty. The reason they were known was that there was a newspaper columnist among them, FPA [Franklin P Adams], who chronicled their witticisms, almost daily.” Fran Lebowitz on New York writers.

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Fran Lebowitz on New York Writers

‘The authors of these five books are people who came to New York for freedom – not so they could get rich, but so they could be free to pursue their interests and live their lives the way they wanted.’ New Yorker par excellence Fran Lebowitz recommends the writers who best capture her immutably mutable city.

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