Emily Brontë

Emily Brontë

Emily Jane Brontë was a British writer whose most famous book, Wuthering Heights, is also one of the most recommended books on Five Books.

“In some ways, Emily Brontë is more of a poet. But she has inspired many subsequent writers of fiction. You couldn’t imagine Lawrence without her, for example.” Robert McCrum on the best novels in English.

“It’s very likely that Emily wrote a second novel after Wuthering Heights. What became of that? The terrifying thing about oppression is it doesn’t make people behave like saints. It makes people behave horribly.” Professor Diane Purkiss discusses Emily and her sister Charlotte Brontë in the best books on witches and witchcraft. “Charlotte took to rooting around in Emily’s writing desk. They all had these writing slopes that they used with, inside them, a kind of compartment. Charlotte was evidently curious about what Emily was doing, so she came across the Gondel poems and Emily was livid. Absolutely livid. She wasn’t happy to share them with Charlotte”

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