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Dorothy L Sayers (June 1893 – December 1957) was a British crime writer

“She wrote 15 books in total, starting in the early 1920s and finishing, I think, in 1937. Then she completely pivoted away from detective fiction, and had two subsequent careers. She got very involved with religious writing during the war—she was an ardent Anglican—and she did a lot of broadcasting for the BBC on the subject. Then, after the war, she got very involved in translation. She started and nearly completed what was, for most of the 20th century, a very highly thought of translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy. She remained a fan of detective fiction and a critic, but didn’t publish any of her own novels after the late 1930s. She died in 1957.” Caroline Crampton in the best summer mysteries.

“All of Sayers’ mysteries feature Wimsey, but starting with 1930’s Strong Poison, she wrote books featuring Harriet Vane, who acts as his sparring partner.”

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