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Martin Amis (1949 – 2023) was a British novelist, essayist, screenwriter and memoirist.

“Martin Amis and I used to meet up before going out in the evenings in the 70s and spend an hour downing a bottle of wine and reading aloud and celebrating Larkin. I’m sure Martin would also acknowledge the curious power of Larkin in his work.” Ian McEwan on the books that shaped his novels.

Martin Amis was part of a very literary family: his father was the comic novelist Kingsley Amis, author of Lucky Jim. His stepmother was Elizabeth Jane Howard, author of the Cazalet Chronicles.  His first novel, The Rachel Papers, about a sex-obsessed teenager, came out in 1973 (and was made into a movie in 1989).

I think readers like testimonies from within – that kind of intimate, personal writing. Sometimes memoirs by well-known writers are among the best things that they write. I didn’t choose Experience by Martin Amis, for example, but I think it’s one of his best books.

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Martin Amis will publish his fifteenth, Inside Story, said to be an autobiographical novel inspired by the death of his friend, the polemicist Christopher Hitchens. It begins during their time as young magazine writers, and includes appearances from stars of the London literary establishment of that era, including Iris Murdoch, Philip Larkin, Saul Bellow and his step-mother Elizabeth Jane Howard.

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