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Michela Wrong is a British Italian journalist and author who has written extensively about Africa. Her book about the rise and fall of Mobutu, In the Footsteps of Kurtz, won a PEN prize for nonfiction.

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The best books on State-Sponsored Assassination, recommended by Luca Trenta

Political assassinations are usually portrayed in the media as the actions of rogue states acting recklessly, outside the bounds of international law. But it is far more common than you might think, says Luca Trenta—international relations expert and the author of The President’s Kill List. Here, he recommends five books on state-sponsored assassinations and explains how different countries have justified, denied or redefined the practice.

The Best Politics Books: the 2022 Orwell Prize for Political Writing, recommended by David Edgerton

From the dawn of humanity to the Covid crisis, from a study in power to the plight of the powerless, the Orwell Prize for Political Writing looks for books that break through the mendacities of politics and rise to the challenge of our times, explains historian David Edgerton, chair of this year’s judging panel. He talks us through the ten fabulous books that made the 2022 shortlist.

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