Neal Layton

Neal Layton

Neal Layton was born and raised in Chichester, West Sussex.

While he was growing up he spent much of his time playing in the dirt, making homemade catapults and drawing pictures. He went to Art College studying Graphic Design and MA Illustration at Central Saint Martins.

He uses all sorts of different media to make his illustrations: pencils, paint, pens, ink, pieces of collage, biros, photocopiers, cameras, a computer, bits of stick, old toothbrushes, dough, hair, leaves, anything that comes to hand…

He likes his illustrations to appear as fresh and spontaneous as possible.

Interviews with Neal Layton

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Award-winning author and illustrator Neal Layton is passionate about the natural world—especially trees. Among his five recommendations are trees that provide raw materials for building, food and profit; trees that are perfect for climbing; lofty enchanted trees full of adventure; and small yet perfect Christmas trees. Each has a story to tell.

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