Radhika Jha

Radhika Jha

Radhika Jha was born in Delhi, got her BA in Anthropology at Amherst College, and her Master’s in Political Science at the University of Chicago. She is the author of four critically acclaimed books – Lanterns on their Horns (2009), Smell (2001, winner of the Prix Guerlain), The Elephant & The Maruti (2004), and My Beautiful Shadow (2014). Her books have been translated into 24 languages. As a journalist, she worked for The Hindustan Times and Business World magazine. As a social worker, she has worked for the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, where she started “Project Interact” – a project for the education of the children of victims of terrorism in India. She has lived in Tokyo, Beijing, Athens and New York. She speaks Chinese, Japanese, French and some Italian and Greek. Her mother tongues are Hindi and English. She is also an acclaimed Indian classical dancer.

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