John Kaag

John Kaag

John Kaag is Professor and Chair of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He is author most recently of Hiking with Nietzsche: On Becoming Who You Are and American Philosophy: A Love Story, which was named a 2016 NPR Book of the Year and New York Times Editor’s Choice. He lives outside of Boston with his family.

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The best books on American Philosophy, recommended by John Kaag

Should we be moral? Should we love? John Kaag, philosopher and author of American Philosophy: A Love Story and Hiking with Nietzsche: On Becoming Who You Are, puzzles how five American Pragmatist and Transcendentalist philosophers quarrel with these searching questions and other timeless subjects, from faith and belief to human rights.

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The introduction of drones “makes possible perpetual war without costs”, warns the anthropology professor and security expert Hugh Gusterson. Here he selects the best books that examine their ethical, psychological and political impact upon 21st century warfare.

The Best Philosophy Books of 2018, recommended by Nigel Warburton

What can Nietzsche and Aristotle teach us about how to live? Should everyone read Being and Nothingness? From a philosophical approach to misogyny to an interrogation of whether it’s morally acceptable to have a Facebook account, philosopher Nigel Warburton introduces us to the best philosophy books of 2018.

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