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John Milton was a 17th-century English poet, intellectual and linguist. Early in his life, he wrote Areopagitica, a much-admired defence of free speech. Milton lived during a tumultuous time in English politics, and could well have been executed before he wrote his classic work, the epic poem Paradise LostOne of the greatest poems in the English language, it tells the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible. Given when it was written, Paradise Lost is also remarkable for its sympathetic treatment of Satan, the fallen angel who leads the couple astray.

Of the many biographies of Milton, Poet of Revolution: The Making of John Milton is the one recommended by Paul Lay, former editor of History Today, on Five Books. For a work of historical fiction about John Milton, we recommend Robert Graves’s Wife to Mr. Milton, an imagining of the life of his first wife, Mary Powell.

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Books by John Milton

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