Philip Roth

Philip Roth

Philip Roth, 1933-2018. Of his books, the most frequently recommended were The Human Stain (recommended in both an interview on free speech and one on the role of religion) and The Plot Against America, which was chosen as one of the best books about  ‘Worry’ as well as one of the ‘Best Classic Thrillers.’

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The Best Philip Roth Books, recommended by Ira Nadel

Philip Roth was one of the great contemporary American novelists. He wrote about what he saw when he looked in the mirror, even when he didn’t like it, and claimed his only real interest was writing about what made him feel uncomfortable. Roth’s literary biographer, Ira Nadel, Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia, talks us through Philip Roth’s novels and explains why they’re worth reading.

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