Richard Dawkins

“One of the things we’ve all met is the accusation that we are strident or arrogant or vitriolic or shrill. What do we think about that?”—Richard Dawkins

British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, who served as Oxford University’s professor ‘for public understanding of science’ until 2008, is one of our most frequently recommended authors on Five Books (see our expert interviews below). Rising to public prominence with his book, The Selfish Gene, he is now as well known for his public advocacy of atheism, also a very popular subject on Five Books. In this new book, introduced by the always interesting and entertaining Stephen Fry, we can read the transcript of his 2007 discussion with other prominent atheists: Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris. The conversation took place in Washington DC and the video of it, which you can see here, went viral. As the title says, they are The Four Horsemen of modern atheism.

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