• The best books on The BBC - Network Nations: A Transnational History of British and American Broadcasting by Michele Hilmes
  • The best books on The BBC - Paving the Empire Road: BBC television and Black Britons by Darrell M. Newton
  • The best books on The BBC - Behind the Wireless: A History of Early Women at the BBC by Kate Murphy
  • The best books on The BBC - BBC World Service: Overseas Broadcasting, 1932-2018 by Emma Robertson & Gordon Johnston
  • The best books on The BBC - London Calling: Britain, the BBC World Service and the Cold War by Alban Webb

The best books on The BBC, recommended by Simon J. Potter

The British Broadcasting Corporation celebrates its centenary this year. The beloved institution has always had a paradoxical identity: part monopoly and government organ, part commercial enterprise and government critic; part bringer of change, part defender of the status quo. Here Simon Potter, Professor of Modern History at the University of Bristol, talks us through the history and the transformations the BBC has undergone since it was first founded in 1922.